Who We Are

RTN Digital Agency is an innovative media agency founded during a global pandemic Covid 19 that disrupted the global economy.

We promote brands online. The global economy is moving to e-commerce platforms.

We exist to help brands sell and market their products and services in the new media platforms online.

We are technological savvy and innovative. We are experts in the following: Digital Marketing: Create online store for your business. Market your online store and brand. We do targeted advertising of your product and services in all online platforms (Search Engines Marketing SEM and SEO and Social Media). Improve your search campaigns with us. Expand your business internationally.

  Social Media Marketing: Millions of people are now on social media platforms. Sell your products and services to the right platforms and reach the right market. Let us help you advertise on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Build reputation of your brand on social media.

 Digital Public Relations: Let us identify the right media platforms that your target market are using. We understand the digital media trends and opportunities.


 Market analysis of online customers: Let us help you understand who and where are you potential clients are in the digital media platforms. We employ world class analytic tools to understand your market and tailor all your messages to the behaviour and interest of your target market.

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